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TS_7.0.2.10 HF-023: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0.x (Released: March 17, 2017)


TSWP-11458 - Reduced validity scope for ASP.NET forms authentication cookie (.ASPXAUTH) when remember me is not used.

TS-49206 - Updating local TERR engine to 4.3.


TS_7.0.2.9 HF-022: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0.x (Released: February 24, 2017)


TS-48817 - Performance issues when using certain over expressions in THEN expressions.

TS-48791 - Added a preference that if changed to true will force custom data sources to execute on the application thread which may solve issues with custom datasources using COM.

TSWP-11432 - WebPlayer instance may restart when opening analysis due to issue with connection string for OleDb based datasource.

TS-49001 - Potential crash when replacing data in a table used by data relationships


TS_7.0.2.8 HF-021: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0.x (Released: January 10, 2017)

 This hotfix corresponds to Service Pack version 7.0.2. If you apply this hotfix, there is no need to install Service Pack version 7.0.2. For more information about the Service Pack, please refer to the January 10, 2017 TIBCO Security Advisory for TIBCO Spotfire.

TS_7.0.1.38 HF-020: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0.x (Released: December 16, 2016)

 TS-47825 - URI:s rendered as links containing URL parameters are encoded incorrectly.

TS-47929 - Specific Information Link issue, when a temporary network communication problem occurs before any data has been returned, may abort execution.

TS_7.0.1.37 HF-019: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0.x (Released: November 2, 2016)

 TS-47521 - Spotfire may become unstable when changing bar to line in combination chart when series by date time column with time equals to 00:00:00.

TS-47593 - Listbox filters can end up in a state where they no longer update to show the current selection.

TS-47519 - Keyboard input in Text Filter and Filter Panel search is broken.

TSWP-11212 - Combinations of characters < > & in password causes validation errors in ASP.NET when logging in.

TSWP-11232 - Scheduled Updates hangs if the web analysis becomes unresponsive.

TS_7.0.1.36 HF-018: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0.x (Released: October 10, 2016)

TS-47063 - Boxplot tooltip could be misleading for certain data types.

TS-47085 - Excel type and name rows were not detected automatically when having numeric column names.

TS-47109 - "Workbook contains no work sheet" warning was given when browsing for moved Excel file.

TS-47093. Spotfire may become unstable when using "Group from Marked Categories" in visualisation if the expression on the x-axis is using a display name.

TS-47334 - Expression parameters to scripts can only evaluate on the default table.

TS-47337 - Spotfire may become unstable when right clicking in visualizations having pruned hierarchies in combination with other expressions on an axis.

TS-47341 - Wrong result for THEN expression when combining pre and post THEN OVER and navigating over an axis with (Column Names).

TS-47317 - The bundled TERR engine has been updated to version 4.2.0.

TSWP-11046 - Redirection from Login.aspx and Init.aspx can now only be done to pages inside the Web Player application.

TSWP-11130 - Bookmarks can now be applied by name in configuration blocks if the name is unique.

TSWP-11131 - Applying bookmarks in configuration blocks now works even if the analysis was not previously loaded on the current server.

TS_7.0.1.35 HF-017: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0.x (Released: September 14, 2016)

 TS-46800 - Spotfire may become unstable when launched via Package Builder (New PackageBuilder.exe included in this hotfix).

TS-46819 - Using time-based document properties with external data may cause Spotfire to become unstable.

TS-46797 - Scripts in text areas can be invoked more than once on property changes.

TS-46844 - Spotfire may become unstable when updating a Text Area with the HTML editor.

TS-46874 - A data table created from an existing on-demand data table with inserted transformations, does not get automatically updated when the on-demand data table changes.

TS-46895 - No notification when a data function is automatically removed due to all of its outputs being removed.

TS-47006 - Wrong result when having a THEN-expression with two OVER-expressions referencing different axes.

TSWP-10990 - "Update every 0 minutes" schedule reloads files, when cashed in memory, if StopUpdatesAfterRepeatedFail is set by previous schedule.

TSWP-11008 - Spotfire may become unstable when the underlying data changes and the analysis is started with configuration blocks that sets the state of a list box filter.

TS_7.0.1.32 HF-016: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0.x (Released: August 18, 2016)

TS-46412 - Scrollbars are not shown for multi-line input fields.

TS-46416 - Missing error indication when text entered in an input field in the Text Area is malformed.

TS-46433 - Using != and = methods in expression language differed for some multibyte characters in strings when compared to versions before 5.0. Operator != had issues when comparing a column with a string constant not present in the column.

TS-46419 - Error when combining multiple subsets, multiple measures and expressions spanning multiple tables.

TS-46638 - Tiled markers in the map chart are sometimes displayed as bars.

TS-46658 - Non-finite tumblers of progress in the table plot if having more frozen columns than available columns.

TS-46659 - Spotfire may become unstable when editing Data Function parameters having type Date with DateTime value.

TS-46675 - Unable to open files from the Table Plot Link Renderer if the File Path has a "#" symbol.

TS-46676 - Improved line chart rendering performance when rendering many lines with many markers and marker labels are enabled.

TS-46723 - Spotfire may become unstable when running scripts with invalid expression parameters.

TS-46744 - Lines and curves can be incorrect in stacked bar charts for certain cases.

TS-46757 - Last column is not visible in the Columns property page for the Summary Table visualization on Japanese OS.

TS-46671 - Min and max value for slider in Text Area are never visible.

TS-46747 - Error when inserting columns from an information link.

TSWP-10923 - On demand functionality fails from web player if data table is imported while making connector connection to SQL server that uses windows credentials.

TS_7.0.1.30 HF-015: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0.x (Released: July 6, 2016)

TS-46096 - Disabled Line/Curve from Data Table when using external data

TSWP-10693 - Automatically updated Data Function with only property outputs was not executed during document load.

TS-46093 - Excel rows getting ignored twice when having ignored rows before the name row.

TSWP-10703 - Users cannot use Spotfire server resources like the library after two hours, the server session timeout. When using authenticated proxy servers between Web Player and Spotfire server and if Spotfire server is setup with basic authentication.

TS-46259 - Filtering in data panel does not trigger re-draw of filter elements in list box filters in the filter panel when using external data.

TS-46319 - Deleted columns used by calculated columns could sometimes re-appear after additional operations.

TSS-17638 - Addressing some cases where data retrieval via Information Services fail without retry.

TS_7.0.1.29 HF-014: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0.x (Released: June 2, 2016)

TS-45527 - Improved performance of Replace Data for tables with a large number of columns.

TS-45658 - Made it possible to open analysis saved in newer releases, which used any of the connectors: Teradata, MySql, Hortonworks, Impala.

TS-45680 - Prevented on-demand updates from happening when bookmarks are upgraded.

TS-45663 - The outermost labels on some multi-level hierarchy scales could be incorrectly positioned.

TS-45709 - In some cases when nesting too many CTRL-click markings/unmarkings, Spotfire could become unstable.

TS-45713 - A Text Area containing HTML with <SpotfireControl ...> tags within comments could fail to render.

TS-45721 - The Reload Data button in the toolbar could become disabled after saving tables as embedded and reopening.

TS-45653 - Updated local TERR engine to version 4.1.

TSWP-10591 - Cookies with empty values sent from browser to StartPage.aspx could cause IndexOutOfRangeException.

TSWP-10635 - Analysis intermittently updated slowly if a data function was executed by a custom visualization.

TSWP-10368 - ASP.NET Session id and Spotfire Server session id are no longer logged in the log files.

TSWP-10538 - Spotfire Web Player users could occasionally get Ajax error when using the Safari browser on Mac OS X for analysis using scheduled updates.

TS_7.0.1.26 HF-013: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0.x (Released: April 27, 2016)

 TS-45024 - using != and = methods in expression language differs for some multibyte characters in strings when compared to versions before 5.0.

TS-45070 - When RXReplace or ~= is used with too complex expressions, the client can become unstable.

TS-45138 - When aggregation methods UAV, LAV, Outliers, or PctOutliers are used in combination with DayOfWeek, the client can become unstable.

TS-45359 - Typing diacritics (é, û, ë, etc) in several places in the product, is not possible.

TS-45403 - Incorrect sorting for calculated column using BinByDateTime with Month.

TS-45420 - Scrolling in list box filter stops working every other control click.

TS-45422 - Not possible to use Teradata columns with names longer than 30 characters.

TS-45331 - The column properties dialog hangs for in-db string columns when there is a lot of data.

TS-44659 - Null was not sent for stored procedure parameters when using on-demand.

TS-45140 - Updated client to handle forward compatibility.

TSWP-10445 - JavaScript API - Application.close method generates a script error in IE 10 and 11.

TS_7.0.1.24 HF-012: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0.x (Released: March 30, 2016)

 TS-44566 - Using concatenate when all arguments are null or empty strings may cause Spotfire to become unstable.

TS-44568 - Unable to edit certain preferences in Administration Manager.

TS-44530 - Custom visuals do not become active unless the user clicks on the title-bar.

TS-44586 - Visualizations intermittently does not load properly when using the SSAS connector.

TS-44734 - Action controls in the Text Area that use scripts with expression arguments are disabled.

TS-44737 - An error could be shown in the notification tray after the application window was resized.

TS-44935 - In certain configurations, data functions prompts for credentials multiple times.

TSWP-10190 - Shape files (.shp) are not allowed in Web Player.

TS_7.0.1.22 HF-011: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0.x (Released: March 11, 2016)

TS-44135 - Table groups in the filter panel are visible even if they do not contain any visible filters.

TS-44326 - Logarithmic curve fits can sometimes become invisible.

TS-44033 - For analyses with many pages (> 20), page navigation tiles may behave erratically when pages navigation via drop down menu is used.

TS-44329 - Using Non-English locale on the system and English locale in Internet Explorer can brake range filter for date column.

TS-44146 - Unhandled exception when adding a specific color rule in cross table.

TS-44503 - Calculated column does not reflect name changes if multiple referenced column names are changed at the same time in a python-script executed in one transaction.

TS-44472 - Cached data connection accessible for user with no access to saved data connection in the library.

TSWP-10125 - After applying hotfix 7.0.1 HF-010, accessing the TIBCO Spotfire Web Player may fail for some users with the error message "undefined".

TSWP-10010 - Web Player servers setup with NTLM Windows Authentication behind a proxy server that reuses TCP connections can sometimes authenticate users as the impersonation user.

TS_7.0.1.18 HF-010: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0.x (Released: February 3, 2016)

 TS-43692 - There is no way to reset the background color of a text area once it had been set to a specific color.

TS-43694 - The suggested Custom Size can be larger than the visualization area.

TS-43749 - The values in a column in the Graphical table can be shown on the wrong row when the underlying data table is a cube.

TS-43748 - The trellis panel headers in the box plot is not aligned with the associated trellis panels.

TS-43774 - A comment as the last line of a Text Area JavaScript causes the UI not to render.

TS-43814 - When exporting a page or visualization to PDF with raster settings, the resulting image in the PDF looks blurred, especially when zoomed.

TS-43928 - After changing the input table for a datasource built on an existing datatable the automatic updating works off the old table instead of the new one. This may lead to Spotfire becoming unstable if data is loaded in the wrong order.

TS-43923 - Bad performance opening specific Excel file.

TS-43959 - Saving analysis to disk, or library, while logged in toward the server takes a long time while stating "Searching the Library".

TS-43983 - Spotfire may terminate when opening a text area editor containing miniature visualizations with invalid expressions.

TS-43924 - On demand tables saved in 5.5 cannot be refreshed in 7.0 if columns have been removed.

TS-43912 - In rare cases, marking is potentially not propagated correctly from unaggregated visualizations to aggregated visualizations containing certain binning and over-expressions, when the dataset is smaller than the axis hierarchy.

TS-42860 - Updates the embedded TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R engine to version 4.0.2.

TSWP-9813 - Not possible to mark multiple items (with Ctrl key and click) from the legend in a Web Player mashup.

TSWP-9726 - Cookies now has the secure flag set when https is used and "requireSSL" is set on "httpCookies" setting in web.config.

TSWP-9744 - Spotfire may terminate when a visualization is removed.

TSWP-9788 - The Javascript API cannot retrieve document property values that contains quotes.

TSWP-9779 - The culture specified in the browser does affect date hierarchy slider and dendrogram legend item text.

TS_7.0.1.16 HF-009: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0.x (Released: December 17, 2015)

 TS-43187 - Spotfire may terminate when replacing a data table, if there are "Column from marked" in visualizations based on pre-processor variables that refer to column names, and the column names change.

TS-43189 - Negative timespans may be formatted as positive when not using day or higher in the format settings.

TS-43103 - Spotfire may terminate when changing a data source from a cube.

TS-43193 - Pivot-transformation can result in column name called Count((Empty)) when it should have been Count()

TS-43188 - Spotfire may terminate when opening the data table properties dialog after a data connection view has been removed and the data table kept empty.

TS-43262 - Problems with caching user preferences.

TS-43277 - When opening an information link over unstable network, loss of some data is possible. The fix stops connection retries unless it is a server busy error.

TS-43297 - An incorrect expression on an axis can cause Spotfire to terminate.

TS-43343 - Unable to open some files which had had bookmarks with markings using a table that had since been removed, and another table was added with the same name.

TS-43405 - Trellis pages jumps several pages every second time clicking to scroll down one page on the scroll bar.

TS-43400 - When opening a file in 7.x that was created in 6.5 a column match is missing so that a map feature layer is not visible as it was in 6.5.

TS-43460 - Incorrect tooltip in boxplot statistics table together with trellis.

TS-43462 - The description of the datediff expression method is incorrect.

TS-43507 - Opening an information link will now restart a job if it has timed out on the server. This fixes some crashes in the add data UIs when you spend more than ten minutes before reading data again.

TS-43548 - Changing log level in 'Support Diagnostics and Logging' dialog is now effective immediately. There is no need to tick 'Make this the default log level for future sessions' is and restart Spotfire for changes to occur. (unless one really want it in future sessions).

TS-43572 - Spotfire may terminate when a SOAP message is not well-formed XML.

TS-43431 - Map chart displayed incorrectly with a WMS layer on top of it, when exported.

TS-43616 - Spotfire may terminate if using string columns in "Curve from Data Table".

TS-43657 - List boxes in text areas did not select items in response to pressing the first character of an item in the list.

TS-43628 - Forward compatibility when opening a 7.5 file containing map chart visualizations does not work properly.

TS-43153 - Opening a 7.5 file including comments without state in 7.0, will cause these to be converted to non-functional bookmarks.

TSWP-9465 - Cannot apply bookmark in configuration block.

TSWP-9506 - Problem opening an analysis in Web Player, if the analysis uses Expression Functions in visualizations.

TSWP-9477 - Temp files are not removed correctly during IIS recycle. The number of files in the temp file folder DataStorage exceeds 11.

TSWP-9511 - Diagnostics Administrator members do not have access to Web Player diagnostics.

TSWP-9595 - Table plot customer extension context menu option are disabled when invoked on the last row of the table.

TSWP-9652 - Sub-optimal memory allocation performance when computing large joins.

TSWP-9649 - Tabular visualizations can terminate if interacting with them while running scripts.

TSWP-9659 - If a user closes an analysis that is under scheduled updates then all users of that analysis may miss out on a scheduled updates reload. This can happen if the scheduled analysis has finished reloading at the same time as the user closes the analysis.

TSWP-9675 - Problem with "include empty values" for information links prompting in Web Player.

TSDC-2705 - Performance issues makes loading SAP HANA metadata take a very long time. (Note: You also need to apply the connector hotfix TSC 4.0.0 HF-007 for this to take effect.)

TS_7.0.1.11 HF-008: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0.x (Released: October 22, 2015)

 TS-42679 When loading analysis, user may be prompted for data table datasource analysis has option Prompt for new settings before loading checked.

TS-42695 Listbox (in text area) may cause scroll to top after selecting items at bottom of the list, sometimes selected item does not appear within in visible range of items.

TS-42733 Not possible to change timeout in Services settings section of Spotfire.Dxp.Main.dll.config. After fix, timeout set to less than one hour is ignored.

TS-42646 Analysis created in TIBCO Spotfire cloud not possible to open in TIBCO Spotfire not origin from cloud.

TS-42800 Some files saved in older versions than Spotfire 7.0 using a SSAS connection were not possible to open in Spotfire 7.0.

TSWP-9343 Unnecessary high number of calls to get Font Height when interacting with text in visualization, that may affect performance due to external issue with garbage collect.

TS-42848 Deleted columns in some cases reappeared if column was renamed prior to deletion.

TS-42907 Crash when updating a bookmark through the API, if the bookmark contains a cross table with sub totals that has been updated in the same transaction.

TS-42914 Options on filter tab of Export To PDF dialog may be incorrectly disabled.

TS-42961 Drag-selecting values in a multi select list box in the text area could sometimes crash.

TS-42970 In rare cases, unclear when, users may receive errors of type "ExternalException (0x80004005): A generic error occurred in GDI+"

TS-42903 Clicking in bookmark context menu could close the popout

TS-42964 Table cells text is not split into multiple lines unless the text contains spaces.

TS-42962 Filter based PDF export may give empty export when having multiple filtering schemes.

TS-43023 Legend items in the map chart may be truncated even when there is space available.

TS-42889 "NullReferenceException when using PanelTypeIdentifiers.BookmarkPanel in PanelCollection.TryGetPanel(TypeIdentifier typeId, out Panel panel), PanelCollection.AddNew(TypeIdentifier typeId)" The methods now just return false in the case of unsupported type identifiers, such as PanelTypeIdentifiers.BookmarkPanel

TS-43046 Log out may fail when closing TIBCO Spotfire.

TSWP-9416 A user with IE10 or higher may be prompted to upgrade to IE10 or higher if IE has been configured to disable websockets.

TS_7.0.1.10 HF-007: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0.x (Released: September 25, 2015)

 TS-42160 - Error when displaying panels that have been saved in popover mode. The error occurs for the Tags, Lists and Details on Demand panel.

TS-42225 - Wrong result in pivot transformation when having neither identity columns nor transfer columns.

TS-42224 - Spotfire may terminate when refreshing an on-demand table with primary key column and removed rows.

TS-42238 - Error when entering "Edit label position" in map chart when multiple feature layers exists.

TS-42265 - Wrong result in pivot transformation when naming pattern does not include %C.

TS-42262 - Spotfire shows errors when opening the Data Panel and the filtering scheme has been set to null through the API.

TS-42352 - Spotfire Analyst continues to send requests to the Spotfire Server even if 401 (Unauthorized) is returned which may result in users being locked out because of too many invalid login requests.

TS-42415 - Data functions input UI now autoselects the expression UI instead of the column search UI for column searches where the table name is a preprocessor expression.

TS-42536 - Added right click menu item for "copy" in text area and improved what content that can be copied from text areas.

TS-42584 - Spotfire Web Player login screen shows a long line, after enabling RSS feed.

TS-42573 - Incorrect evaluation of a specific continuous rank-expression when used on the x-axis.

TS-42497 - Cannot edit calculated value in text area, unless using the HTML view

TSWP-9177 - Zoom Slider tooltip not working properly.

TS_7.0.1.9 HF-006: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0.x (Released: August 17, 2015)

 TS-41777 - Pressing reset all filters crashes the client when having Lead Discovery 7.0 deployed.

TS-41930 - Pre-5.0 analysis containing a removed calculated column inserted from transformation is not removed when the analysis is opened in later versions. The column it is referencing was removed instead.

TS-41932 - Intermittent access violation in a specific analysis.

TS-41960 - Fixed potential optimization issue.

TS-41944 - Spotfire may terminate with error "RefreshThisProducerOnly is not supported for producer of type 'FrozenColumnProducer'"

TS-42013 - Range filters in the filter panel sometimes stopps working, after configuring a visualization to use that filter's column

TS-42056 - Calculated column using DatePart does not format months with locale if the expression was edited.

TS-42058 - Modeling tools fails if column name contained certain non-alphanumeric characters.

TS-42060 - Modeling tools fails if column name contained backticks (`).

TS-42061 - Application Profiler fails to start when assemblies targeting .NET 2.0 are installed.

TS-42098 - The scrollbar in the legend is not visible until the legend reacted to re-size of filtering.

TS-42091 - Optimized ValueForMax and ValueForMin for some OVER expressions and added methods LastValueForMax and LastValueForMin.

TS-42132 - The expression "not null" in a Text Filter does not filter out rows with null values.

TS-42121 - String data is truncated to 64k when triggering a stored procedure.

TSWP-8988 - Incorrect message is shown when plot rendering is canceled.

TSAS-624 - The DocumentFormat.OpenXml.dll file is missing from the Automation Services product.

TS_7.0.1.6 HF-005: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0.x (Released: July 21, 2015)

TS-41381 - Spotfire may terminate when using range filter and loading linked data that changed data type from numeric to string.

TS-41484 - The data access data connection service does not work for connectors.

TS-41472 - Information link IDs are not redirected for on-demand tables when copying analyses and information links.

TS-41542 - List Box Filter scrolls more than one pane per mouse wheel step when having a large number of items ( > 50000 ).

TS-41702 - Spotfire may terminate when launching UIs from python scripts.

TS-41507 - Custom title bar icons are displayed as pink boxes or blank space.

TS-41571 - Filter queries are never sent to data source, when working with SAP BW in-database connection.

TSWP-8883 - Help icon still visible after being disabled in customization settings using JavaScript API.

TSWP-8804 - Error when hovering mouse over cross table headers displaying images.

TSWP-8805 - Not possible to open analysis in Web player if a table that has been created "From Current Analysis" has been configured to "Prompt for new settings before loading".

TSWP-8836 - Analysis is not pre-loaded by Scheduled updates if failsBeforeStop limit (when the stopUpdatesAfterRepeatedFail setting was used) was reached at previous Scheduled update schedule.

TSWP-8930 - Average Loading Time on Web Player Monitoring page is empty while document is currently loading.

TSWP-8914 - No or wrong tooltip displayed for visualization markers if Web Player has a custom header.

TSWP-8915 - Mouse wheel zooming in visualizations with zoom sliders is broken.

TS_7.0.1.4 HF-004: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0.x (Released: July 21, 2015)

 This hotfix corresponds to Service Pack version 7.0.1. If you apply this hotfix, there is no need to install Service Pack version 7.0.1.

For more information about the Service Pack, please refer to the TIBCO Security Advisory for TIBCO Spotfire.

TS_7.0.0.64 HF-003: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0.x (Released: June 2, 2015)

TS-40788 - Property button for custom visualization is not shown correctly.

TS-40787 - Custom visualization that has extension buttons shows pink box instead of icon.

TS-40790 - List box filter search does not consider formatting when searching.

TS-40798 - Documents with custom size may is exported incorrectly.

TS-40862 - Sorting cross table on sub-total may result in blank table with error notification.

TS-40870 - Map chart does not show the correct message when used as a details plot and no data is marked.

TS-40955 - Applying Bookmarks does not affect visibility of table groups in the filter panel.

TS-40963 - Search using CTRL+F is slow.

TS-40964 - Column selector interaction can cause Spotfire to become unstable if referenced data table was removed.

TS-40868 - Information services is not able to create temp tables when having more than two on-demand parameters.

TS-40982 - Error when attempting to open specific Excel file.

TS-41010 - Issue with concatenate when using the "()" negative pattern.

TS-40973 - Spotfire can become unstable if another application accessed the clipboard in the background.

TS-41099 - A specific file with lines and curves calculations can not be opened.

TS-41129 - Improved performance for retrieving column unique values using DataNode.FormattedValue.

TS-41127 - Timeout when waiting for data import subprocess can lead to subprocess going into an infinite loop.

TS-41173 - Exception when COM automation application was left idle for more than 5 minutes.

TS-41176 - Add Bookmark Special functionality is missing.

TS-41203 - Increased robustness while reloading data.

TS-41210 - Improvements to handling many consecutive remove rows operations.

TS-41207 - Increased the timeout before failure when attempting to import an Excel file.

TS-41242 - Problem when exporting multiple pages/visuals to PDF with bookmarks applied.

TS-41272 - Spotfire may become unstable on 'Reload Data' with 'Identifier Spotfire.Dxp.Data.Cxx.CxxTableId not a valid identifier' exception.

TSWP-8694 - A specific coloring setup in the Cross Table can result in the Web Player becoming unstable.

TSWP-8545 - The setting showAbout in web.config is ineffective for analyses in edit mode in Web Player.

TSWP-8738 - Using multiple load balanced Web Player servers with forms authentication may result in invalid login calls to server if remember me is used.

TSWP-8732 - Added progress indication in bookmark panel to indicate that bookmarks are being synchronized.

TSWP-8747 - Spotfire may become unstable when WMS server has defined exception formats with an exceptions tag in GetCapabilities.

TS_7.0.0.59 HF-002: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0.x (Released: April 24, 2015)

 TS-40372 - Hiding a list box in text area by setting display none to parent can make Spotfire become unresponsive.

TS-40366 - When trying to reload data due to a specific setup, Spotfire may terminate.

TS-40137 - Unable to open a specific file in 7.0 that worked fine before, due to removed in-database on-demand tables with automatic update.

TS-40369 - Plots can get stuck with an endless progress indication.

TS-40236 - Poor performance for wide datasets when selecting columns in the properties dialog for the table plot.

TS-40414 - Tooltips for tables with custom value renders are not shown.

TS-40453 - When deleting a document property in an analysis, Spotfire may terminate due to a specific setup for a table inserted from analysis in combination with saving data embedded.

TS-40371 - When creating information link with only a stored procedure it is not possible to enable caching.

TS-40494 - Non-localizable strings in drop down menu for bookmarks in the bookmarks panel.

TS-40465 - Better capturing of CLR exceptions in the data engine.

TS-40405 - Failure to open a specific Excel file.

TS-40412 - Error when attempting to color by constants when using cubes.

TS-40550 - Poor performance when automatically refreshing tables added "from current analysis".

TS-40576 - Changing the setting for using personalized parameters in custom queries sometimes does not work.

TS-40602 - Never ending loop of refresh when a data function without caching depends on filtered rows.

TS-40608 - Filter settings can get corrupted and cause a crash while saving dxp file.

TS-40462 - Marking not propagated between related tables if the marked rows are removed from the linked data source.

TS-40574 - The model method of a predictive analytic model imported from file could be incorrectly detected if running with non-English language pack.

TS-40678 - Crash when adding a column from an on-Demand information link through a Stored procedure.

TS-40606 - Failure to open specific Excel file.

TS-40676 - When combining over expression, trellising, and lines and curves, Spotfire may terminate.

TS-39757 - External queries are not always cancelled in the external system.

TS-40633 - Potential instability problem in constant propagation.

TS-40714 - Improved performance of Last aggregation in complex OVER expressions.

TS-40727 - When marking lines in line chart or combination chart that had complex expressions on trellis, color by or line by axis, and that those expressions where configured to be evaluated after filtering, Spotfire may terminate.

TS-40694 - Not possible to create inner or outer join in Information Services with join criteria based on more than one column per table.

TSWP-8352 - EMS Listener may fail to reconnect after Web Player server restart.

TSWP-8410 - Localization of the text "Browse..." causes strings to break lines.

TSWP-8380 - Scheduled update retries failed update each 60 second even if it has already been successfully loaded into cache once (a setting has been added to choose wanted behavior).

TSWP-8451 - When opening an old file containing legacy check box filter bookmarks for a column that has been replaced with a hierarchy, Spotfire may terminate.

TSWP-8416 - Opening the diagnostics page can sometimes freeze the web player session.

TSWP-8423 - Web Player trying to validate on-demand data tables, causing a big delay when opening reports already cached with Scheduled Updates.

TSWP-8480 - Logging "Application shutdown reason" is not the first thing that happens when a shutdown is initiated.

TSWP-8478 - While closing down the worker process, loading analyses are not canceled. This will delay the recycling of the process.

TSWP-8482 - Document state is not saved to library for the open analyses when IIS is recycled.

TSWP-8241 - When user tries to copy/move/delete/rename a file/folder, the message shown is not appropriate when the user does not have permissions to perform the operation.

TSWP-8513 - No information on size or memory usage is shown on the Diagnostic page for analysis loaded by scheduled updates if no user has opened the analysis.

TSWP-8511 - Added optional logging for troubleshooting of hanging jobs or queries.

TS_7.0.0.55 HF-001: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.0.x (Released: March 30, 2015)

 TS-39482 - Poor rendering performance for shape files at moderate to high zoom level.

TS-39660 - Stability issue when opening linked data that uses add rows where a column has been created for identifying rows and another column with the same name has appeared again.

TS-39720 - Changing Map Chart default layer type (preferences) does not work, which can result in Map Charts that needs further configuration to make them work.

TS-39726 - Information Links sporadically fail to load data (with "Index was outside the bounds" notifications) when opening DXP files.

TS-39719 - Failure to open specific Excel file.

TS-39783 - Slow interaction when clicking in a cross table.

TS-39839 - Stability issue when using geocoding if there was a particular set up of cloned geocoding tables with wrong ExternalId property set on one of the copies.

TS-39848 - Stability issue when using Line from Data Table with certain filtering conditions (data limited by expression based on properties) used together with Show/Hide Items.

TS-39837 - Tool-tip in status bar may blink when tool-tip is placed under mouse cursor.

TS-39884 - Tooltips for zoom sliders has extra hierarchy markers which should not be there.

TS-39921 - Stability issue when editing control attached to a script that has changed parameter data type.

TS-40062 - Slow interaction when translating filtering through relations due to missing caching.

TS-40096 - Local TERR engine updated to 3.1.1 to resolve miscellaneous problems.

TS-39717 - Stability issue when searching for linked file on a network drive.

TSWP-7910 - Unable to hide elements of the Library Browser when the showLogout, showAbout, showHelp, or showUserName settings are configured to "false".

TSWP-8019 - Re-authentication sometimes fails after absolute session timeout if a user opens an analysis.

TSWP-8023 - Visualizations with color by column names can lead to slow performance.

TSWP-8031 - Path should auto-update once the title is changed since the title is a part of the Path component, but does not.

TSWP-8035 - Some large temp files are not always cleaned up from the temp folder.

TSWP-8052 - Web Player may restart if analysis is disposed after geocoding library entry cache service has been disposed.

TSWP-8109 - Switching to edit mode on an analysis that is under Scheduled Updates will cause a Java Script error when using interface French language.

TSWP-8114 - Poor performance in certain string sorting scenarios.

TSWP-8143 - Customization settings in javascript mashup code is not applied correctly.

TSWP-8098 - In the Action Logs it's not possible to find the "close" that corresponds to a "load/clone" since there is no ID that connects them.

TSWP-8199 - When configured for Windows authentication or client certificate authentication re-authentication with server, after server session timeout, may fail with 401 error in some circumstances.

TSWP-8252 - PDF export fails for certain pages with small visualizations.

TSWP-8240 - Wrong Document error in javascript with document.domain set.

TSWP-8283 - Added route to folder if folder or id parameter exists as part of the url to allow custom folder content display.

TSWP-8307 - Stability issue for Web Player when threads are shut down.

TSWP-8032 - A deleted or non-existing library item when opened in library browser may cause an error and cause the application to become unresponsive.

TSAS-565 - The API for CustomApplicationEventHandler does not work in Automation Services

Posted : 26/04/2020 10:49 pm