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TS_6.5.4.7 HF-032: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: March 21, 2017)
TSWP-11500 - WebLogger may in rare cases throw an IndexOutOfRangeException at start-up

TS_6.5.4.6 HF-031: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: February 24, 2017)

 TS-48818 - Performance issues when using certain over expressions in THEN expressions.

TS-48786 - Added a preference that if changed to true will force custom data sources to execute on the application thread which may solve issues with custom data sources using COM.

TS-48827 - Bookmarks of markings referring to tables that no longer exist when the file is opened no longer crash but is replaced with an empty marking.

TSWP-11433 - WebPlayer instance may restart when opening analysis due to issue with connection string for OleDb based data source.

TS-49000 - Potential crash when replacing data in a table used by data relationships.


TS_6.5.4.5 HF-030: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: January 10, 2017)

 This hotfix corresponds to Service Pack version 6.5.4. If you apply this hotfix, there is no need to install Service Pack version 6.5.4. For more information about the Service Pack, please refer to the January 10, 2017 TIBCO Security Advisory for TIBCO Spotfire.

TS_6.5.3.36 HF-029: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: December 16, 2016)

 TS-47928 - Specific Information Link issue, when a temporary network communication problem occurs before any data has been returned, may abort execution.

TS_6.5.3.34 HF-028: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: November 2, 2016)

TS-47520 - Spotfire may become unstable when changing bar to line in combination chart when series by date time column with time equals to 00:00:00.

TSWP-11211 - Combinations of characters < > & in password causes validation errors in ASP.NET when logging in.

TS_6.5.3.33 HF-027: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: October 10, 2016)

 TS-47062 - Boxplot tooltip could be misleading for certain data types.

TS-47084 - Excel type and name rows were not detected automatically when having numeric column names.

TS-47340 - Wrong result for THEN expression when combining pre and post THEN OVER and navigating over an axis with (Column Names).

TSWP-11045 - Redirection from Login.aspx and Init.aspx can now only be done to pages inside the Web Player application.

TS_6.5.3.32 HF-026: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: September 14, 2016)

 TS-46796 - Scripts in text areas can be invoked more than once on property changes.

TS-47019 - Wrong result when having a THEN-expression with two OVER-expressions referencing different axes.

TSWP-10989 - "Update every 0 minutes" schedule reloads files, when cashed in memory, if StopUpdatesAfterRepeatedFail is set by previous schedule.

TS_6.5.3.30 HF-025: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: August 18, 2016)

 TS-46411 - Scrollbars are not shown for multi-line input fields.

TS-46434 - Using != and = methods in expression language differed for some multibyte characters in strings when compared to versions before 5.0. Operator != had issues when comparing a column with a string constant not present in the column.

TS-46639 - Tiled markers in the map chart are sometimes displayed as bars.

TS-46686 - Spotfire may become unstable when importing Excel documents with invalid values in the type row or Excel documents using a type row and having numeric cells in the name row.

TS-46745 - Lines and curves can be incorrect in stacked bar charts for certain cases.

TS-46758 - Last column is not visible in the Columns property page for the Summary Table visualization on Japanese OS.

TS_6.5.3.29 HF-024: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: July 6, 2016)

TS-46091 - Excel rows getting ignored twice when having ignored rows before the name row.

TSWP-10702 - Users cannot use Spotfire server resources like the library after two hours, the server session timeout. When using authenticated proxy servers between Web Player and Spotfire server and if Spotfire server is setup with basic authentication.

TS-46048 - Datarelationships dialog shows some columns as selected despite them not being selected.

TSS-17637 - Addressing some cases where data retrieval via Information Services fail without retry.

TS_6.5.3.28 HF-023: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: June 2, 2016)

 TS-45526 - Improved performance of Replace Data for tables with a large number of columns.

TS-45662 - The outermost labels on some multi-level hierarchy scales could be incorrectly positioned.

TS-45708 - In some cases when nesting too many CTRL-click markings/unmarkings, Spotfire could become unstable.

TS-45651 - Updated local TERR engine to version 4.1

TSWP-10590 - Cookies with empty values sent from browser to StartPage.aspx could cause IndexOutOfRangeException.

TSWP-10367 - ASP.NET Session id and Spotfire Server session id are no longer logged in the log files.

TS_6.5.3.26 HF-022: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: April 27, 2016)

TS-45022 - using != and = methods in expression language differs for some multibyte characters in strings when compared to versions before 5.0.

TS-44658 - Null is not sent for stored procedure parameters when using on-demand.

TS-45330 - The column properties dialog hangs for in-db string columns when there is a lot of data

TS_6.5.3.25 HF-021: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: March 30, 2016)

TS-44733 - Action controls in the Text Area that use scripts with expression arguments are disabled.

TS-44934 - In certain configurations, data functions prompts for credentials multiple times.

TS_6.5.3.23 HF-020: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: March 1, 2016)

 TS-44145 - Spotfire may terminate when adding a specific color rule in cross table.

TS-44529 - Calculated column does not reflect name changes if multiple referenced column names are changed at the same time in a python-script executed in one transaction.

TS-44471 - Cached data connection is accessible for user with no access to saved data connection in the library.

TSWP-10126 - After applying hotfix 6.5.3 HF-019, accessing the TIBCO Spotfire Web Player may fail for some users with the error message "undefined".

TSWP-10009 - Web Player servers setup with NTLM Windows Authentication behind a proxy server that reuses TCP connections can sometimes authenticate users as the impersonation user.

TS_6.5.3.19 HF-019: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: February 3, 2016)

 TS-43813 - When exporting a page or visualization to PDF with raster settings, the resulting image in the PDF looks blurred, especially when zoomed.

TS-43922 - Bad performance opening specific Excel file.

TS-43982 - Spotfire may terminate when opening a text area editor containing miniature visualizations with invalid expressions.

TS-43911 - In rare cases, marking is potentially not propagated correctly from unaggregated visualizations to aggregated visualizations containing certain binning and over-expressions, when the dataset is smaller than the axis hierarchy.

TS-42861 - Updated the embedded TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R engine to version 4.0.2.

TS-44032 - In rare cases Spotfire may terminate when highlighting.

TSWP-9725 - Cookies now has the secure flag set when https is used and "requireSSL" is set on "httpCookies" setting in web.config.

TSWP-9745 - Spotfire may terminate when a visualization is removed.

TS_6.5.3.18 HF-018: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: December 17, 2015)

 TS-43186 - Spotfire may terminate when replacing data table, if there are "Column from marked" in visualizations based on pre-processor variables that refer to column names, and the column names change.

TS-43192 - Pivot-transformation can result in column name called Count((Empty)) when it should have been Count()

TS-43261 - Improved caching of issues with user preferences.

TS-43276 - When opening an information link over an unstable network, loss of some data is possible. The fix stops connection retries unless it is a server busy error.

TS-43296 - An incorrect expression on an axis could cause Spotfire to terminate.

TS-43506 - Opening an information link will now restart a job if it has timed out on the server. This fixes some crashes in the add data uis when you spend more than ten minutes before reading data again.

TS-43571 - Spotfire may terminate when a SOAP message is not well-formed XML.

TS-43797 - Unable to connect to SAP BW using SSO when the environment variable SNC_LIB points to a 32-bit DLL, and SNC_LIB_64 points to a 64-bit DLL.

TSWP-9651 - Improved memory allocation performance when computing large joins.

TSWP-9658 - If a user closes an analysis that is under scheduled updates then all users of that analysis may miss out on a scheduled updates reload. This can happen if the scheduled analysis has finished reloading at the same time as the user closes the analysis.

TSWP-9674 - Problem concerning "include empty values" for information links prompting in Web Player.

TSWP-9466 - Cannot apply bookmark in configuration block.

TSWP-9505 - Problem opening an analysis in Web Player, if the analysis uses Expression Functions in visualizations.

TS_6.5.3.13 HF-017: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: October 22, 2015)

TS-42655 - TIBCO Spotfire may terminate when using an aggregation in a limit data expression while using OR marking and showing all data when the marking is empty.

TS-42644 - Performance issue loading some string intensive files on 32-bit systems.

TS-42849 - Deleted columns in some cases reappeared if column was renamed prior to deletion.

TS-42915 - Options on filter tab of Export To PDF dialog may be incorrectly disabled.

TS-42965 - Table cells text is not split into multiple lines unless the text contains spaces.

TS-42963 - Filter based PDF export may give empty export when having multiple filtering schemes.

TS-42966 - Application Profiler fails to start when assemblies targeting .NET 2.0 are installed.

TS-43046 - Log out may fail when closing TIBCO Spotfire.

TS_6.5.3.12 HF-016: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: September 25, 2015)

TS-42223 - Spotfire may terminate when refreshing an on-demand table with primary key column and removed rows.

TS-42237 - Error when entering "edit label position" in map chart when multiple feature layers exists.

TS-42264 - Wrong result in pivot transformation when naming pattern does not include %C.

TS-42351 - TIBCO Analyst continues to send requests to the Spotfire Server even if 401 (Unauthorized) is returned which may result in users being locked out because of too many invalid login requests.

TS-42414 - Data functions input UI now autoselects the expression UI instead of the column search UI for column searches where the table name is a preprocessor expression.

TS-42481 - Visualization titles may have been incorrectly truncated on Windows 8 in Web Player.

TS-42575 - Incorrect evaluation of a specific continuous rank-expression when used on the x-axis.

TS-42607 - Document properties with the wrong type of values serialized may cause Spotfire to terminate.

TSWP-8455 - Drop down controls can show incorrect background color in Firefox if container has background color defined.

TS_6.5.3.11 HF-015: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: August 17, 2015)

 TSWP-8987 - Incorrect message is shown when plot rendering is canceled.

TSAS-623 - The DocumentFormat.OpenXml.dll file is missing from the Automation Services product.

TS-41929 - Pre-5.0 analysis containing a removed calculated column inserted from transformation is not removed when the analysis is opened in later versions. The column it is referencing is removed instead.

TS-41959 - Fixed potential optimization issue.

TS-41943 - Spotfire may terminate with error message "RefreshThisProducerOnly is not supported for producer of type 'FrozenColumnProducer'"

TS-42008 - Spotfire may terminate if a user interacts with a list box filter when a data function or on-demand completes.

TS-42055 - Calculated column using DatePart does not format months with locale if the expression is edited.

TS-42131 - The expression "not null" in a Text Filter does not filter out rows with null values.

TS-42057 - Modeling tools fails if column name contained certain non-alphanumeric characters.

TS-42059 - Modeling tools fails if column name contained backticks (`).

TS-41926 - First and Last methods with navigations AllPrevious, AllNext and LastPeriods, e.g. First(Value) OVER AllPrevious(Category), should be calculated on the original data table row-ordering, but was sometimes incorrectly calculated on the sorted result from the navigation instead.

NOTE: If the sorted result from the navigation is wanted then ValueForMax(Category, Value) OVER AllPrevious(Category) can be used instead, or LastValueForMax if Last is used. Some aggregations (EXCLUDING: Sum, Product, Count, Min, Max, First, Last, Avg, Range, Percent) with a column method (e.g. Rank, DenseRank) as argument may have given incorrect results if combined with certain OVER expression navigations (e.g. Q3(Rank(Column)) OVER Next(Column))

TS_6.5.3.7 HF-014: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: July 21, 2015)

 TS-41380 - Spotfire may terminate when using range filter and loading linked data that changed data type from numeric to string.

TS-41417 - Spotfire may terminate when consecutively launching progress dialogs.

TS-41356 - TERR 3.1.1 does not work on 32-bit systems.

TS-41471 - Information link IDs are not redirected for on-demand tables when copying analyses and information links.

TS-41510 - Tooltips from not visible pages can get stuck on top of current page.

TS-41701 - Spotfire may terminate when launching UIs from python scripts.

TS-41611 - Spotfire may terminate with error - "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

TSWP-8803 - Error when hovering mouse over cross table headers displaying images.

TSWP-8835 - Analysis is not pre-loaded by Scheduled updates if failsBeforeStop limit (when the stopUpdatesAfterRepeatedFail setting was used) was reached at previous Scheduled update schedule.

TSWP-8929 - Average Loading Time on Web Player Monitoring page is empty while document is currently loading.

TS_6.5.3.5 HF-013: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: July 21, 2015)

 This hotfix corresponds to Service Pack version 6.5.3. If you apply this hotfix, there is no need to install Service Pack version 6.5.3.

For more information about the Service Pack, please refer to the TIBCO Security Advisory for TIBCO Spotfire.

TS_6.5.2.58 HF-012: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: June 2, 2015)

 TS-40789 - List Box filter search does not consider formatting when searching.

TS-40861 - Sorting cross table on sub-total may result in crash.

TS-40869 - Map chart shows loading indicator when used as details plot and no data is marked.

TS-40954 - Applying Bookmarks does not affect visibility of table groups in the filter panel.

TS-40962 - Search using CTRL-F is slow.

TS-40867 - Information Services is not able to create temp tables when having more than two on-demand parameters.

TS-40981 - Error when attempting to open specific Excel file.

TS-41009 - Problem with concatenate when using the "()" negative pattern.

TS-41119 - Spotfire may become unstable if another application access the clipboard in the background.

TS-41100 - A specific file with lines and curves calculations could not be opened.

TS-41128 - Sub-optimal performance for retrieving column unique values using DataNode.FormattedValue.

TS-41126 - Timeout when waiting for data import subprocess can lead to subprocess going into an infinite loop.

TS-41154 - Stability issue (red X in parts of the application or crash) that occurs in rare situations.

TS-41172 - Exception when COM automation application is left idle for more than 5 minutes.

TS-41202 - Increased robustness while reloading data.

TS-41209 - Improvements to handling many consecutive remove rows operations.

TS-41216 - List box filter's text search, when inside a text area, have no effect in some cases.

TS-41206 - Increased the timeout before failure when importing Excel file.

TS-41241 - Problems exporting multiple pages/visuals to PDF with bookmarks applied.

TS-41271 - Spotfire terminates on 'Reload Data' with 'Identifier Spotfire.Dxp.Data.Cxx.CxxTableId not a valid identifier' exception.

TSWP-8695 - A specific coloring setup in the Cross Table can result in the Web Player becoming unstable.

TSWP-8544 - The setting showAbout in web.config was ineffective for analyses in edit mode in Web Player.

TSWP-8737 - Using multiple load balanced Web Player servers with forms authentication may result in invalid login calls to server if remember me is used.

TS_6.5.2.52 HF-011: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: April 24, 2015)

 TS-40365 - Trying to reload data due to a specific setup may cause Spotfire to terminate.

TS-40199 - Entering a specific Rank-expression may cause Spotfire to terminate.

TS-40136 - Editing Data table on demand needs all required inputs to be defined before allowing the user to click OK and close the dialog, even though Permit Null is enabled for input.

TS-40413 - Tooltips for tables with custom value renders are not shown.

TS-40235 - Poor performance for wide datasets when selecting columns in the properties dialog for the table plot.

TS-40370 - When creating an information link with only a stored procedure it is not possible to enable caching.

TS-40464 - Improved capturing of CLR exceptions in the data engine.

TS-40411 - Error when attempting to color by constants when using cubes.

TS-40404 - Failure to open specific Excel file.

TS-40575 - Changing the setting for using personalized parameters in custom queries sometimes does not work.

TS-40601 - Fixed never ending loop of refresh when a data function without caching depends on filtered rows.

TS-40603 - In certain cases, parts of the UI can stop working and render a red X.

TS-40607 - Filter settings could get corrupted and cause Spotfire to terminate while saving dxp file.

TS-40461 - Marking not propagated between related tables if the marked rows are removed from the linked data source.

TS-40573 - Predicted columns calculation gives different result when using non-English language pack.

TS-40677 - Crash when adding a column from an on-Demand information link through a Stored procedure.

TS-40605 - Failure to open specific Excel file.

TS-40675 - Crash can occur when combining over expression, trellising, and lines and curves.

TS-40341 - Poor performance when trying to load data from Analysis Services when filtering large attribute hierarchies.

TS-40726 - Crash when marking lines in line chart or combination chart that had complex expressions on trellis, color by or line by axis, and that those expressions where configured to be evaluated after filtering.

TS-40693 - Not possible to create inner or outer join in Information Services with join criteria based on more than one column per table.

TSWP-8424 - Scheduled updates column in the monitoring diagnostics page sometimes stays false while loading for scheduled analyses.

TSWP-8426 - Analysis title sometimes not displayed while loading in the monitoring diagnostics page.

TSWP-8379 - Scheduled update retries failed update each 60 second even if it has already been successfully loaded into cache once (a setting has been added to choose desired behavior).

TSWP-8415 - Opening the diagnostics page can sometimes freeze the web player session.

TSWP-8422 - Web Player trying to validate on-demand data tables, causing a big delay when opening reports already cached with Scheduled Updates.

TSWP-8479 - Logging "Application shutdown reason" is not the first thing that happens when a shutdown is initiated.

TSWP-8477 - While closing down the worker process, loading analyses are not canceled. This will delay the recycling of the process.

TSWP-8481 - Document state is not saved to library for the open analyses when IIS is recycled.

TSWP-8242 - Appropriate message and header to be displayed when the user does not have the permission to perform the selected action in the library.

TSWP-8512 - No information on size or memory usage is shown on the Diagnostic page for analysis loaded by scheduled updates if no user has opened the analysis.

TSWP-8510 - Added optional logging for troubleshooting of hanging jobs or queries.

TS_6.5.2.44 HF-010: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: March 30, 2015)

 TS-39838 - Stability issue when using geocoding if there was a particular set up of cloned geocoding tables with wrong ExternalId property set on one of the copies.

TS-39847 - Stability issue when using Line from Data Table with certain filtering conditions (data limited by expression based on properties) used together with Show/Hide Items.

TS-39920 - Stability issue when editing control attached to a script that has changed parameter data type.

TS-40063 - Slow interaction when translating filtering through relations due to missing caching.

TS-40059 - No scrollbars visible in table even though 'Auto-hide scroll bars in table visualizations' is unchecked.

TS-40097 - Local TERR engine updated to 3.1.1 to resolve miscellaneous problems.

TS-40406 - SubProcess may cause occasional NullReference event log after execution.

TSWP-8108 - Switching to edit mode on an analysis that is under Scheduled Updates will cause a Java Script error when using interface French language.

TSWP-8113 - Poor performance in certain string sorting scenarios.

TSWP-8200 - When configured for Windows authentication or client certificate authentication re-authentication with server, after server session timeout, may fail with 401 error in some circumstances.

TSWP-8098 - In the Action Logs it's not possible to find the "close" that corresponds to a "load/clone" since there is no ID that connects them.

TSWP-8258 - PDF export fails for certain pages with small visualizations.

TSWP-8238 - Missing analysis with scheduled updates from the Web Player Monitoring page.

TSWP-8306 - Stability issue for Web Player when threads are shut down.

TSAS-566 - The API for CustomApplicationEventHandler does not work in Automation Services.

TS_6.5.2.37 HF-009: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: February 27, 2015)

 TS-39386 - Spotfire may terminate when deleting a faulty relation.

TS-39390 - On-demand caching for a data table does not work when the input is an in-database data table.

TS-39428 - Data inconstancy in corrupt analysis may cause Web Player to become unstable.

TS-39484 - Poor rendering performance for shape files at moderate to high zoom level.

TS-39643 - Showing table properties UI while having some unpivot transformations on very wide data sets, may cause Spotfire to become unstable.

TS-39659 - Opening linked data that uses add rows where a column has been created for identifying rows and another column with the same name has appeared again, may cause Spotfire to become unstable.

TS-39725 - Information Links sporadically fail to load data (with "Index was outside the bounds" notifications) when opening DXP files.

TS-39718 - Failure to open specific Excel file.

TS-39756 - Cancellation of external queries does not work properly.

TS-39509 - Multi-dimensional sub-cube simplifications.

TS-39739 - Data Functions Edit Parameters UI shows blank fields in some cases when input handler is an expression.

TS-39782 - Slow interaction when clicking in a cross table.

TSWP-7929 - Performance issue with memory status logger when data is paged to disk.

TSWP-7946 - Web Player restarts when opening old analyses on the web player while another user is closing the same analysis.

TSWP-7958 - Spotfire may become unstable while cancelling save or cancelling load.

TSWP-7975 - Out of memory occurs while sorting if the error occurred on a background thread.

TSWP-7971 - The configuration options for showLogout, showAbout, showHelp, and showUserName did not work properly.

TSWP-8018 - Re-authentication sometimes fails after absolute session timeout if a user opens an analysis.

TSWP-7949 - An analysis which uses embedded data or scheduled updates may run very slowly while consuming large amounts of CPU when the web player runs on a machine with many cores.

TSWP-8022 - Visualizations with color by column names could lead to slow performance.

TSWP-8036 - Progress indicator in table plots is sometimes not removed after loading data if mouse has been moved out of plot.

TSWP-8034 - Some large temp files are not always cleaned up from the temp folder.

TSWP-8050 - Web-player may restart if analysis is disposed after geocoding library entry cache service has been disposed.

TS_6.5.2.26 HF-008: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: February 3, 2015)

 TS-38781 - Information Designer may terminate when attempting to delete an unused table alias.

TS-38835 - Certain interactions with a Bar Chart using a large data set may cause Spotfire to terminate.

TS-38906 - Using Parent([Axis.Rows]) in a Cross table may consume a lot of memory if the hierarchy is large.

TS-39018 - A specific Lines and curves configuration may cause Spotfire to terminate.

TS-39022 - When scrolling in the filter panel, using a very rare representation of the data in a data table, Spotfire may terminate.

TS-38994 - Reloading On-demand data with a missing embedded data source file may cause Spotfire to terminate.

TS-38926 - Data using both space and non-breaking space may cause Spotfire to terminate.

TS-39121 - Under some conditions, Insert Rows operations may cause an unhandled exception.

TS-38978 - SBDF is missing in the LibraryManager.Search API.

TS-39160 - Private bookmarks may become invisible after updating from pre-5.0 server using domain name based login (for instance LDAP).

TS-39196 - Editing parameters of a data function whose output table no longer exists, may cause Spotfire to terminate.

TS-39158 - Removing all axes from a Cross table when using in-database data, may cause Spotfire to terminate.

TS-39215 - Opening shp files may under some conditions cause Spotfire to terminate.

TS-39280 - When opening analysis files with Map charts having a syntactically incorrect limiting WHERE clause, Spotfire may terminate.

TS-39295 - Poor performance when exporting data from large Cross tables with currency columns.

TS-39311 - Poor performance of dendrogram when deleting rows.

TS-39300 - Not possible to open certain Excel files.

TS-39154 - Data Table Relationship with SSAS Cube Connector based data table does not complete.

TS-39161 - Unable to open Excel 2007 files when using hotfix TS_6.5.1 HF-004 or higher.

TSWP-7653 - Invalid markings not removed when applying markings from Web player state.

TSWP-7778 - Connection issue with Web Player deployments behind reverse proxy. Reverse proxy was stripping quotes characters from the cookie values which were set in Web Player.

TSWP-7787 - Modified columns in the Library Browser do not display the timestamp, just the modified date.

TSWP-7794 - Scheduled Updates does not retry loading a failed job after applying hotfix TS 6.5.2 HF-007.

TSWP-7795 - Random 401 GeoCoding errors for items without any geocoding.

TSWP-7830 - Using in-db On-demand with personalized view does not always work.

TSWP-7819 - Unable to change Spotfire logo on login and library pages through a cobranding package.

TSWP-7831 - Scheduled Updates may spawn a new window after scheduling an analysis for scheduled update.

TSWP-7852 - When delegated Kerberos is configured using an application pool account that can login to Spotfire Server, Scheduled Updates information links calls may fail.

TSWP-7816 - Content of last column or row is hidden by the scrollbars in the Table and Cross table.

TSWP-7858 - Missing searchText url parameter functionality.

TSWP-7750 - Scheduled updates over midnight with no reoccurring reloads may stop triggering reloads in other schedules.

TS_6.5.2.21 HF-007: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: December 21, 2014)

 TS-37772 - Performance issues when using data relationships on a wide table that is created from another table in the analysis.

TS-37779 - Spotfire may terminate when filtering for specific visualization configurations.

TS-37844 - Adding columns in combination with manually updated dendrograms results in performance issues, including potentially incorrect data.

TS-37930 - Spotfire may terminate when visualization configurations contain incorrect types, such as "series by" in a combination chart.

TS-38126 - Spotfire may terminate when reference lines are used for a certain visualization configuration.

TS-38123 - When inserting columns, it's not possible to select which columns to add if the table contains binary columns.

TS-38125 - In the Web Player, cross table details visualizations intermittently become empty when data is refreshed.

TS-38129 - Spotfire may terminate when using "Column from marked..." with a boolean column.

TS-38150 - Missing prompt for credentials for some database errors.

TS-38282 - The function, "ExportDataToLibrary", results in an exception.

TS-38360 - Unable to control running database queries using the application programming interface.

TS-38366 - Unable to add a horizontal reference line to a sorted box plot visualization.

TS-38448 - In rare cases, an analysis with embedded data becomes corrupt when removing a predicted column or column from data functions.

TS-38550 - Spotfire may terminate in column selector when using binary columns.

TS-38503 - Missing prompt for credentials for password protected Excel files.

TS-38561 - Using a backslash in the data panel search field results in an interpretation error.

TS-38548 - Table plot visualizations don't update correctly when switching data table using property control.

TS-38628 - Analysis files with custom queries cannot be opened on the Web Player.

TS-38625 - Using calculated columns, the Last method with LastPeriods navigation sometimes gave the wrong results.

TS-38626 - When using a thousand separators in formatting, a mixture of negative and positive numbers sometimes gives unfamiliar results.

TS-38502 - High CPU usage when highlighting and marking in some analyses.

TS-38620 - A modified range filter is reset when the data in the referred column is changed.

TS-38668 - Cancelling queries to external systems fails in some specific scenarios.

TS-38522 - Parts of the operation, "DataTable.Refresh()", may be rolled back if an export tool is running.

TS-38714 - Spotfire may stop responding when opening some embedded .dxp files.

TSWP-7211 - Maps do not function in combination with X.509 authentication at the server.

TSWP-7360 - Scheduled updates loading events are logged to AuditLog.txt, even if no actual loading is triggered.

TSWP-7372 - The "Diagnostics Administrator" role does not have access to Web Player diagnostics.

TSWP-7249 - Web Player redirects to error page when folder ID accessed by the previous user is rendered across sessions.

TSWP-7542 - Scripts modifying data relations can cause failure to open analyses.

TSWP-7566 - Added a start setting for the hierarchical clustering process.

TSWP-7577 - The function, "ScheduledUpdates", fails to recover when read access to the file is given back to the user.

TSWP-7384 - Export to a .csv file fails when some web browsers are identified as IE7.

TS_6.5.2.5 HF-006: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: November 12, 2014)

 This hotfix corresponds to Service Pack version 6.5.2. If you apply this hotfix, there is no need to install Service Pack version 6.5.2. For more information about the Service Pack, please refer to the November 12, 2014 TIBCO Security Advisory for TIBCO Spotfire.

TS_6.5.1.14 HF-005: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: October 31, 2014)

TS-36874 - An analysis cannot be opened when embedded data is based on certain criteria.

TS-36918 - Spotfire may terminate when editing a text area that contains links to bookmarks with inconsistencies.

TS-37016 - Analyses created in previous Spotfire versions may under some conditions fail to open, with custom expression errors.

TS-37000 - Errors in visualizations occur if using multiple expressions with string literals and THEN expressions without aliases.

TS-37093 - Spotfire may terminate when using "binbydatetime" in all lower-case letters.

TS-37145 - Adding data history for MySQL database via scripting results in an error.

TS-37122 - Regression and Classification Modeling tools may have degraded performance with large data.

TS-37228 - Spotfire may terminate when removing the expression on the Y-axis of a Box plot with a specific configuration.

TS-37324 - In rare cases, Spotfire may terminate when refreshing data, if the analysis contains a dendrogram.

TS-37097 - Spotfire may terminate if interacting with a cross table immediately after a cancelled save of the analysis.

TS-37245 - Spotfire may terminate if interacting with the tag panel after freezing a tag column.

TS-37416 - Excel files with errors in datetime cells are incorrectly interpreted.

TS-37437 - "Needs refresh" icon is not lit when removing input rows.

TS-37230 - Cannot register tools of type CustomShareTool.

TS-37589 - In rare cases, Spotfire may terminate or fail to open analysis when a marking refers to a column that has changed data type.

TS-37591 - The "Insert Transformations" feature may terminate for tables with no columns.

TS-37688 - Opening an analysis from the library may cause on-demand to load data twice if driven by document properties.

TS-37705 - Analysis will not open if document property values lead to expressions containing empty column names.

TS-37334 - In rare cases, Spotfire becomes unstable when loading an analysis with calculated columns, depending on the output from a data function.

TS-37712 - Cancellation of in-db queries is unsuccessful for tabular visualizations.

TS-37788 - Filtering on empty values in the hierarchy filter is unsuccessful for in-db data.

TS-37714 - Hierarchy filter doesn't work properly with Essbase Connector.

TS-37751 - Checkbox filter doesn't work properly with Essbase Connector.

TSWP-6983 - The URL for "Copy Link Location" doesn't render properly.

TSWP-6995 - The cached version of scheduled reports is sometimes not used, which can lead to a long delay for large reports.

TSWP-7132 - The library browser does not route to the correct folder when Single-Sign-On is enabled.

TSWP-7127 - The library browser routes to an Error page when a non-existent folder is rendered.

TSWP-6958 - A personalized view with a non-active filtering scheme cannot be saved.

TS_6.5.1.10 HF-004: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: October 6, 2014)

 TS-36278 - Under some conditions, analyses originally created using extensions, but then re-saved without those extensions in place, might fail to open.

TS-36283 - Spotfire may terminate when the Data Table Properties dialog is displayed.

TS-36297 - Spotfire may terminate when filtering data in bar chart, in 32 bit operating system.

TS-36323 - Spotfire may terminate when switching tabs in 32 bit operating system.

TS-36413 - Custom visuals may trigger an exception when loading a bookmark.

TS-36414 - Table visualizations may become unresponsive after highlighting in a cross table that uses sorting and "Show top N rows/columns".

TS-36468 - Filtering many dimensions may lead to the following error message, "Query too complex to be executed".

TS-36496 - When an non-aggregatable attribute hierarchy is added as a filter in Spotfire, selecting any member other than the default results in an empty or faulty data set.

TS-36534 - When removing columns in transformation dialogs sometimes multiple columns are removed when only one removal is requested.

TS-36499 - Freeze Column operation takes too long.

TS-36625 - Spotfire may terminate in some situations when using BinBySpecificLimits.

TS-36650 - Error when using drag-and-drop to open analyses from network paths using numeric IP address, instead of symbolic name.

TS-36990 - Spotfire stops responding during update process.

TS-36917 - Unable to open Excel analyses after import.

TSWP-6667 - Interpretation error when opening analysis containing a broken Text Area in Web Player.

TSWP-6685 - Scrolling in Web Player causes the view content to jump by a certain number of pixels.

TSWP-6686 - Invalid characters in title cause Web Player to error with unsaved work.

TSWP-6688 - Web Player downloads fonts and invokes security prompts upon encountering URL blockers.

TSWP-6701 - When opening an analysis, pre-loaded by scheduled updates, which has been edited since the last scheduled updates refresh, the scheduled updates cache is ignored.

TSWP-6710 - Security warning when opening bookmarked report, using Internet Explorer 8.

TSWP-6753 - Scheduled updates fail with "unauthorized" message if Spotfire Server is restarted or if the scheduled update session is timed out.

TSWP-6758 - If Web Player is setup using Windows Authentication and Application pool executes as an account that can access the Spotfire server, then Scheduled updates will login as the application pool account when the session times out on the server. Note, application pool account should never have access to the Spotfire Server.

TSWP-6769 - Web Player error when marking large amount of rows with certain data types, "JavaScriptSerializer max length".

TSWP-6798 - Change Password link is visible in Web Player when password modification option is set to "false".

TSWP-6858 - Web analyses may terminate under some conditions when rerendering map chart labels.

TSWP-6884 - Column color legend not visible in 6.5 Web Player.

TSAS-542 - Automation Services does not execute embedded TERR Data Function when opening an analysis.

TS_6.5.0.49 HF-003: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: August 25, 2014)

 TS-35756 - Map chart layer selector and navigation control appear over the trellis header when using larger than standard fonts.

TS-35807 - Missing types ("S-PLUS script" and "S-PLUS function") in the 6.5 "Register Data Function".

TS-35820 - The "data relationships calculation" icon disappears when reopening an analysis.

TS-35834 - Spotfire may terminate when performing very large search expressions in list box filter or text filter.

TS-35851 - When using WMS layers in a map chart, multiple identical http requests can unnecessarily be sent to a server.

TS-35832 - Custom data sources show unnecessary error dialog when they are cancelled.

TS-35855 - When several category columns in a pivot transformation contain invalid values, the output column names reflect "AB" instead of "A(empty)B".

TS-35852 - Spotfire may terminate when changing the type of a broken axis.

TS-35806 - Unable to load Excel 2013 spreadsheet with Power Pivot tables.

TS-35754 - Changes made to prompts on an information link are not immediately reflected when refreshing data with prompting enabled.

TS-35946 - Spotfire may terminate for certain combinations of data and analysis configurations.

TS-35964 - Spotfire with crosstable may terminate with a message similar to the following, "System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range", when using a combination of formatting and "Show only the first number of rows".

TS-35992 - Spotfire may terminate when accessing scatter visualization size property page, if the manual scale range is set and the marker mode is changed to tiled.

TS-36063 - Tiled marker layers in map chart with many markers can show a gap of one pixel between the markers.

TS-36123 - DataFunctions adding columns with names containing near 1,000 characters results in an invalid execution.

TS-36125 - Parameterized on-demand table does not reuse parameters of previously loaded parameterized information link.

TS-36145 - Log message, "Searching the Library" repeatedly displays in the Open File dialog when various analyses are loaded.

TS-36163 - Feature layer in map chart is not redrawn when updated by data function.

TS-36185 - Map chart panning fails if the zoom and position of the map has been set through the API using a coordinate system that is different from the coordinate system of the map chart.

TS-36180 - Unable to open some .xlsm analyses, resulting in the following message, "Make sure that the file is saved in Excel 97 or newer".

TS-36177 - In some rare cases, Spotfire may terminate after inserting columns.

TS-35973 - Cross Table renders blank in some circumstances.

TSWP-6412 - Spotfire may terminate when applying a bookmark via script with a message similar to the following, "Attempt to read from a node that is in state 'Detached'".

TSWP-6379 - Hierarchy slider should not be visible in the Web Player for a parameterized expression.

TSWP-6496 - In the box visualization legend, the reference point item is shown twice.

TSWP-6520 - In some cases, the log may specify an incorrect user.

TSWP-6540 - Web Player displays internal visualization error after scheduled update if the browser language is set to Japanese.

TSWP-6543 - Spotfire may terminate when opening the color picker if the color category has empty values.

TSWP-6533 - When using a custom header in Web Player, the selection has an offset.

TSWP-6556 - Spotfire may terminate when changing a table in column selector.

TSWP-6558 - Visualization is not configured properly when selecting columns from a secondary table.

TSWP-6565 - Some Business Author options are available for users without Business Author licenses. These options fail if the user tries to access them.

TSWP-6594 - Web Player may terminate when using the hierarchy filter in Microsoft Analysis Services cube.

TSWP-6600 - Web Player fails to start if configured for TRACE logging.

TSWP-6583 - Exporting a table from the Web Player may terminate for users using Internet Explorer 8.

TSWP-6622 - When analysis upload fails due to unchecked size, no error message is presented to the user.

TSWP-6630 - Library browser bookmarks reroute to root folder when redirected from the log in page.

TSWP-6641 - Upon hiding the only datatable loaded in an analysis, the filters are hidden in the professional client, but not in the Web Player.

TSDC-679 - Spotfire may terminate when using the Oracle connector with OnDemand or in a detailed visualization scenario, resulting with a message similar to the following, "Overflow Exception".

TS_6.5.0.44 HF-002: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: July 4, 2014)

 TS-34955 - Changes to document properties by configuration blocks do not trigger IronPython scripts (that are set to be triggered when a document property is changed).

TS-34972 - Filtering which is currently active is selected in addition to the dynamic active filtering when configuring on-demand or data functions to use active filtering.

TS-35031 - Using a change name or change data type transformation, or a calculate new/replace column transformation with only row methods on top of a datatable data source with more than 8192 rows never finishes.

TS-35033 - Having a property with an empty string as value and using that property for a categorical expression using the $esc method may result in a crash.

TS-35036 - CheckBoxFilter API no longer silently lets values with wrong data type pass through (Check, Uncheck, IsChecked).

TS-35093 - Using the Teradata Connector in combination with the Teradata Period data type (Timestamp with time zone) when in a time zone behind UTC, i.e., UTC -1 or less, can in some cases cause in-database queries to fail.

TS-35150 - ForceEmbedAllData in Library Preferences has no effect when saving an existing analysis to the Library by pressing 'Save', but only using 'Save As Library'.

TS-35381 - When using external data, marking all rows in a details visualization (limited by marking) can result in all data being marked regardless of limit by marking.

TS-35350 - Performing "refresh with prompt" on a table with a pivot transformation that refers to columns that no longer exist may result in a crash.

TS-35391 - Under some conditions, using expressions containing the Substitute method can cause Spotfire to hang.

TS-35493 - Spotfire may terminate when refreshing a Data relationships table that depends on filtering in related tables.

TS-35570 - Spotfire may terminate when data for Dendrogram changes with no active filtering.

TS-35586 - Added optional special pivot for transpose-like scenarios on low memory machines.

TS-35657 - Formatting of values in tooltips do not always take Axis Formatting overrides into account.

TS-35661 - Printing Line Chart visualizations to PDF may result in line labels that are very difficult to read.

TS-35714 - Some faulty plot configurations, such as unparseable expressions in Box plots, may result in crashes instead of error messages in the plot.

TS-35706 - When formatting doubles and floats with numeric formatters in cursors or expressions and rounding occurs that should carry over into the integer part, faulty output may be created.

TS-35722 - Changing property control type when the control is based on a long integer property may result in a crash.

TS-35710 - Setting a Data function input against S+ to a string constant longer than approximately 1000 characters some of whom are not allowed in S+, results in an invalid execution.

TSWP-6446 - The option to make a Bookmark public is enabled for users without write access to the dxp file when the file is configured for Scheduled Updates with a Scheduled Updates user with write permissions.

TSWP-6189 - Resizing the application may cause visualizations to get incorrect size and show 'Interpretation error during update' (Internet Explorer 8 only).

TSWP-6403 - Business author crashes in the Parallel Coordinate Plot select columns dialog when marking outside the available columns.

TSWP-6422 - Script errors in Internet Explorer 8 and 9 when embedding Web Player in an iFrame.

TSWP-6415 - When using NTLM Single Sign-On Authentication, attempting to create a new analysis from an Excel file in the Business Author results in the error "Unable to read data from the uploaded file".

TS_6.5.0.41 HF-001: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 6.5.x (Released: June 4, 2014)

 TS-34703 - Too many color rules may result in broken visualization, stating "Expression too complex".

TS-34720 - Application stops responding when manipulating dashboard controls (e.g. filters) that are hooked up to IronPython scripts and auto-refreshing Data Function or Expression Function document properties.

TS-34701 - TIBCO Spotfire may terminate when configuring on-demand with input having expression based on document properties.

TS-34752 - Application may terminate when importing certain Excel files.

TS-34738 - Visualizations not functioning when using the Teradata Period data type.

TS-34780 - Using subsets with in-db data from Microsoft SQL Server results in a broken visualization.

TS-34805 - Stops responding after creating a default information model with the same name as an existing folder.

TS-34843 - Labels for line markers with null or empty values in a sorted combination chart could be displayed inaccurately.

TS-34849 - Error when opening Japanese .xlsx files with certain date format in cells.

TS-34809 - Listbox filter and item filters performance; will not calculate the difference between eg 1 and Unicode 1 encircled.

TS-34886 - Some .xlsm files with certain macros could not be opened due to a ParseException.

TS-34890 - Exception when comparing values in certain conditions when system is under very heavy load.

TS-34794 - "Remember me" doesn't respond as expected when switching between different production areas.

TSWP-6072 - CloseAnalysis on Web Player Monitoring page may not respond in some cases if there is an analysis that is loading.

TSWP-6092 - Web player may terminate when resizing a map chart to zero width or height.

TSWP-6091 - Users with the same document open may perceive that they can do more (or less) than their permission allows.

TSWP-6095 - Letters "SEA" appear on custom visualization.

TSWP-6070 - Configuration block settings are overriden when the analysis is refreshed by scheduled updates.

TSWP-6137 - Analysis may close with "Interpretation error during update" when selecting a tab in a newly opened analysis in Internet Explorer 8 or Internet Explorer 9.

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