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TIBCO Spotfire 10.7.x

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TS_10.7.0.65 HF-001: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 10.7.x (Released: January 14, 2020)

TS-61879 - Marking events propagate to related tables, causing unnecessary on-demand refreshes.

TS-61891 - Spotfire crashes with UnauthorizedAccessException from DataCorrelationInsightModule.

TS-61974 - Retain manually selected Auto Decimals on formatter when column type change at replace data.

TS-62008 - Fail to open certain analysis files using on-demand data loading.

TS-62010 - Exception when attempting to open xlsb and certain xls files.

TS-62113 - Not possible to apply bookmark if it contains a marking that includes filtering from a related data table.

TS-62150 - An analysis containing certain column names fails to open.

TS-62198 - "&" in analysis path caused incomplete email when sharing after saving.

TSDC-5971 - SQL Server connections that require Windows authentication did not work under certain conditions unless the Windows user had access to the service directory.

Posted : 26/04/2020 10:34 pm
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