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TIBCO Spotfire 10.5.x

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TS_10.5.0.73 HF-001: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 10.5.x (Released: September 24, 2019)

  • TS-60881 - Exception thrown when importing certain excel files with custom header rows.
  • TS-60888 - Delay when opening Analysis in Internet Explorer 11.
  • TS-60935 - Using built in data functions such as Holt Winters forcasting might fail in the web player.
  • TS-60945 - Client crash when naming the subsets with string empty or blank spaces.
  • TS-60956 - Scrolling in list box controls in text areas could get accidentally reset.
  • TS-60976 - Support for iOS/iPadOS 13
  • TS-61279 - Resizing column in Cross Table displays the popover menu and resizes the wrong column
  • TSDC-5779 - Unable to list tables in BigQuery, unless the user have the list tables permission for all datasets.
Posted : 26/04/2020 10:32 pm
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