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TS_10.3.3.23 LTS HF-015: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire 10.3.x (Released: April 06, 2020)

    TS-62760 - Support for marking more values when visualizing data from StreamBase

    TS-62777 - Fixed issue with custom visualizations that could overlap when maximized

    TS-62780 - Changes in columns used in filterings used in datafunctions did not trigger the datafunction if the column was not included as direct input to the datafunction

    TS-62781 - Fixed issue when copying a visualization from one window or instance of Analyst to another sometimes could cause a crash

    TS-62835 - Deleting or replacing a data function or on-demand table while a refresh is in progress could sometimes crash

    TS-62838 - Import of shape files without explicit encoding now uses UTF-8

    TS-62872 - Data flyout search and searching in library administration tool differed in results

    TS-62966 - Improved stability under extreme low-memory conditions

    TS-62997 - There is now a property called "InformationLinkTimeoutMinutes" that can be set on individual information links.

    TS-63023 - Improved resource utilization by selecting the least loaded Spotfire Server instance for applicable calls from service instances.

    TSDC-6129 - The DEBUG logging was too verbose for some ODBC-based connectors


TS_10.3.3.19 LTS HF-014: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire 10.3.x (Released: March 12, 2020)

    TS-62543 - Error when adding new data in a specific case where an existing data table consists of partially loaded data.

    TS-62599 - Scheduled updates disk cache does not work for data imported from data connections.

    TS-62631 - Robustness fix when importing data.

    TS-62677 - Action log args were in wrong positions for some of the "datasource, execute" log entries

    TS-62704 - Content browser fails to read library items when preview image is incorrect.

    TSDC-6059 - Error when trying to add data from a Live Apps case that has a Web Link field.

    TSDC-6076 - SAP HANA connector: SQL CASE expression (CASE WHEN condition THEN ... END) gave syntax error when the condition was a boolean column or a CASE expression (i.e., CASE in CASE).

    TSDC-6078 - Snowflake connector: Added configurable query timeout (also applies to the Drill connector). The default query timeout is 30 minutes.


TS LangPack 10.3.3_LTS HF-62691: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire Language Packs 10.3.x (Korean) (Released: March 4, 2020)

TS-62722 - Spotfire Analyst becomes unstable after selecting multiple category column in the data panel with Korean Lanaguage Pack.


TS_10.3.3.18 LTS HF-013: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire 10.3.x (Released: February 12, 2020)

TS-62342 - If the shapefile contains a row with no geometry, a divide by zero exception was thrown and the Spotfire cannot read the shapefile.

TS-62343 - Stdf files with empty strings as column property values could not be opened.

TS-62344 - Error may occur when adding columns, when there are duplicate external ids in combination with ignoring added columns.

TS-62405 - The (Empty) item in list box filter was cleared whenever something else was selected.

TS-62413 - Cannot open file with linesimilarity or kmeans dependent on marking that is related to data not loaded yet.

TS-62415 - Some analyses files containing invalid data relations could not be opened, if the data loaded made the data relations valid again.

TS-62453 - Boolean, LongInteger and SingleReal are again recognized as valid datatype aliases when reading stdf files.


TS_10.3.3.15 LTS HF-012: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire 10.3.x (Released: January 14, 2020)

TS-62149 - An analysis containing certain column names fails to open.

TS-62197 - "&" in analysis path caused incomplete email when sharing after saving.

TS-62233 - Opening an analysis in multiple windows sometimes leaves the new window with an empty background for 15 s until rendered completely. This is most apparent when opening multiple views via the JavaScript API.

TS-62253 - View -> Web page" menu item is now disabled in the web player when the analysis lacks a configured URL.

TSDC-5970 - SQL Server connections that require Windows authentication did not work under certain conditions unless the Windows user had access to the service directory.

TSDC-5993 - Authorization header may not be sent when using basic authentication in OData connector.

TSDC-5995 - Connections to an Amazon Redshift database would fail with "incorrect password" if the password contained some special characters, e.g. %.


TS_10.3.3.13 LTS HF-011: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire 10.3.x (Released: December 18, 2019)

  • TS-61878 - Marking events propagate to related tables, causing unnecessary on-demand refreshes
  • TS-61890 - Spotfire crashes with UnauthorizedAccessException from DataCorrelationInsightModule
  • TS-61907 - Poor performance when using a very large amount of listbox filters
  • TS-61926 - open documents" performance counter is changed when scheduled updates is updating an analysis
  • TS-61973 - Retain manually selected Auto Decimals on formatter when column type change at replace data
  • TS-61976 - Occasional error notifications stating "Cannot read property '$icon' of undefined"
  • TS-62007 - Fail to open certain analysis files using on-demand data loading.
  • TS-62009 - Exception when attempting to open xlsb and certain xls files.
  • TS-62112 - Not possible to apply bookmark if it contains a marking that includes filtering from a related data table.


TS_10.3.3.11 LTS HF-010: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire 10.3.x (Released: December 17, 2019)

This hotfix corresponds to Service Pack version 10.3.3. If you apply this hotfix, there is no need to install Service Pack version 10.3.3.

Note: There has been changes in functionality in version 10.3.3. You can read more about this in the TIBCO Spotfire Analyst 10.3.3 release notes, in the "Changes in Functionality" chapter.


TS_10.3.2.8 LTS HF-009: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire 10.3.x (Released: November 18, 2019)

TS-61656 - Crash when using the ColumnProperty method in an expression with certain properties

TS-61657 - An exception occurred for certain Excel files with empty rows and a custom name row

TS-61658 - Copying and pasting Excel cells with merged cells resulted in missing values

TS-61659 - Analysis is throwing an "Task could not be completed" error while switching the author mode

TS-61667 - When exporting a Table Visualization to csv in the WebPlayer, Spotfire can suggest file names that are too long for Excel.

TS-61668 - An incorrect warning could be issued if using Add Rows or Add Columns on a connection stored in the library

TS-61671 - Spotfire crashes on opening Support Diagnostics tab if the LoadBalancer returns unexpected response

TS-61673 - Missing error message in visualizations when filtering generates a too complex query

TS-61677 - Show the visualization toolbar for both mouse and touch more easily.

TS-61801 - Error when filtering in listbox filter for on-demand data.

TS-61805 - Poor performance when having a large number of interdependent calculated columns.

TS-61821 - Synchronization issues sometimes causing TERR calls to hang or crash.

TSDC-5900 - SAP BW connector: Kerberos Constrained delegation is now possible by configuring a new setting.

TSDC-5901 - No data was getting retrieved when using INPUT parameters in stored procedures using Oracle MySQL connector.

TSDC-5907 - SAP Hana Connector: Opening an analysis could result in some functions and calculated values to be missing.

TSDC-5924 - MySQL connector garbles special character like ÅÄÖÜ

TSDC-5927 - MySQL connector throws an error when adding a table that has more than one index.


TS_10.3.2.7 LTS HF-008: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire 10.3.x (Released: October 25, 2019)

TS-61341 - Improved robustness and reduced observed errors in Spotfire Web Player when a Spotfire Server instance is restarted or stopped.

TS-61366 - Fixed crash when saved login information cannot be read correctly in login dialog. Common problem on Citrix, when full read/write Windows user profiles are not used.

TS-61370 - Fixed crash during startup of Spotfire Analyst when running as restricted user

TS-61397 - Text areas with filters could cause read errors.

TS-61400 - Part of header column in Cross Table is displayed when width is set to zero

TS-61429 - Exception when loading data from Salesforce if using certain types of relations.

TS-61444 - Optimize trust check flow to make sure we do the cheapest checks first. This can make the saving of DXPs from the library go faster when containing scripts.

TS-61446 - Add an extra cache when checking trust stamps for current users to improve performance.

TS-61492 - Handling of Chrome escaping of backslash when using tibcospotfire links

TS-61526 - Analysis is resized when loaded without a toolbar.

TSDC-5660 - It is not possible to connect from Spotfire to TIBCO Data Virtualization 8.1 with the TDV driver (7.0.8).

TSDC-5854 - Prompt values were not consistently interpreted as case insensitive when loading data from Salesforce.

TSDC-5855 - NULL strings were sometimes loaded as empty strings when using the Salesforce connector.

TSDC-5856 - Exception when prompting for empty values using Salesforce connector.

TSDC-5872 - MySQL unsigned integers were not listed.

TSDC-5877 - Filtering with list box filters on in-db data from Redshift may fail for some values with non ascii characters with message similar to "String data truncated while performing conversion"


TS_10.3.1.26 LTS HF-007: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 10.3.x (Released: September 23, 2019)

  • TS-61115 - Custom theme could sometimes get based on the wrong base theme.
  • TS-60944 - Client crashed when naming the subsets with string empty or blank spaces.
  • TS-60947 - Visualization descriptions text was sometimes cut off.
  • TS-60975 - Support for iOS/iPadOS 13.
  • TS-61242 - Crash when replacing data with external data and calculated columns become invalid due to missing methods.
  • TS-61098 - Unexpected Web Player restart when python script leaves data readers undisposed.
  • TS-61245 - Add SF.setBusy() API in Text areas to support asynchronous rendering.
  • TS-61273 - Lists got lost when upgrading Spotfire beyond 7.11.
  • TS-61278 - Resizing column in Cross Table displays the popover menu and resizes the wrong column.
  • TS-61264 - Export to PDF and image could fail intermittently.
  • TSDC-5836 - Salesforce connector: Salesforce BULK API was used for an unsupported query, which resulted in error.
  • TSDC-5793 - Salesforce connector: Salesforce connector would fail when BULK requests were longer than 20k characters.
  • TSDC-5812 - Cloudera Hive connector: Wrong columns may show up for a table in a database that have fewer than 4 tables in it (when a table with the same name exists in another database).
  • TSDC-5806 - SQL Server connector: Marking more than 2100 items sometimes gives an external error indicating that too many parameters were given. For example, "The incoming request has too many parameters. The server supports a maximum of 2100 parameters. Reduce the number of parameters and resend the request."


TS_10.3.1.18 LTS HF-006: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 10.3.x (Released: August 27, 2019)

  • TS-60687 - Reload doesn't detect that an information link has changed.
  • TS-60729 - Set showExportFile="false" in the Spotfire.Dxp.Worker.web.config file now properly removes the "Download DXP file" menu item.
  • TS-60790 - Gray scale colors are now converted correctly from HSLA to RGBA.
  • TS-60798 - GUIDs in data functions are rewritten to lowercase, causing script to become untrusted.
  • TS-60825 - Multi-select list box controls in text areas always scrolled to last selected item in the list.
  • TS-60828 - Web links in plot labels are now properly opened in an external browser.
  • TS-60830 - Marking in legend did not work for visualizations limited by their own marking.
  • TS-60871 - Context popover for table headers do not appear on click.
  • TS-60879 - Exception thrown when importing certain Excel files with custom header rows.
  • TS-60886 - Delays when opening analyses in Internet Explorer.
  • TS-60891 - When running Spotfire Analyst in the default (English) language configuration on Korean Windows, the clickable link "CANCEL" in the Login dialog is cut off.
  • TS-60899 - A user defined display name is forgotten when an update is downloaded from the same Spotfire Server.
  • TS-60910 - Fixed script error when right-clicking in text area in Web Player.
  • TS-60934 - Using built in data functions such as Holt Winters forecasting might fail in the Web Player.
  • TSDC-5726 - SAP HANA connector: Using CASE expression in 'Limit data using expression' may results in SQL expression that has wrong syntax.


TS_10.3.1.16 LTS HF-005: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 10.3.x (Released: July 30, 2019)

TS-60385 - Editing a document property in a text area could cause a crash.

TS-60387 - Bookmarks did not apply state of list box filter on data table that is a copy of an on demand data table.

TS-60507 - Adjusting the pie chart size property or the combination chart bar width property were causing crashes for certain languages in the web client.

TS-60524 - Text and background had the same color when editing visualization title using dark theme.

TS-60537 - When inserting a specific calculated column in a specific analysis, Spotfire Analyst crashes.

TS-60548 - Setting showHelp="false" in web.config now properly hides the help menu item.

TS-60549 - The graphical table showed internal server errors for corrupted filterings.

TS-60632 - Importing data from a connector was significantly slower in 10.3.1 than in 10.3.0.

TS-60647 - The wms url will be validated and the updates will prevent Spotfire from terminating if the url is incorrect.

TS-60670 - Uploading a large image file (> 2GB decompressed) in the Map Chart's Image Layer would cause Spotfire to crash.

TSDC-5668 - Salesforce query containing table custom relations got malformed when switching from REST to BULK.

TSDC-5672 - The connection prompt date picker would give the previous date for time zones west of UTC.


TS_10.3.1.13 LTS HF-004: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 10.3.x (Released: July 10, 2019)

TS-60299 - Expressions referencing secondary tables sometime got wrong casing after closing the custom expressions editor

TS-60348 - It is now faster to filter in listbox filters with millions of string values.

TS-60442 - Closing the cancel dialog when logging in using Web/OAuth Authentication in the client may cause unexpected errors or hang the product.

TS-60446 - Fast insight is sometimes broken for non string categorical column.

TS-60480 - Collapsed state of tables and tag collections in the tag panel was not preserved when updating a tag with new records.

TSDC-5638 - Unable to use the Oracle MySql connector when the database contains FUNCTION.


TS_10.3.1.12 LTS HF-003: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 10.3.x (Released: June 10, 2019)

TS-60114 - Text Area Item Slider does no longer grow outside of it's border when used on a touch device.

TS-60115 - Crash when opening context menu for listbox filter with no values selected

TS-60188 - Crash when creating filter transformation from listbox filter with no values selected

TS-60199 - Introduced a preference for turning off saving on-demand data in analyses

TS-60289 - Loading MS Access files out of process on x64 no longer crashes.

TSAS-1046 - Automation Services jobs could fail with the error "Unresolved job id" in a multi server environment

TS_10.3.1.8 LTS HF-002: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 10.3.x (Released: June 10, 2019)

This hotfix corresponds to Service Pack version 10.3.1. If you apply this hotfix, there is no need to install Service Pack version 10.3.1.


TS_10.3.0.53 LTS HF-001: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 10.3.x (Released: May 15, 2019)

TS-59668 - Unable to paste external values into Lists

TS-59739 - An embedded iframe in a Text Area could end up blank in pdf export

TS-59973 - When saving an analysis with Information Link and embedding data with Automation Services, the Data Table Properties dialog didn't show the data as Embedded.

TS-60010 - External data on-demand tables with custom primary keys were continuously refreshed

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